One’s sensibility colors the canvas of the life we paint and is in turn shaped by those experiences.

My sensibilities include taking pleasure in the present, appreciating what is true and authentic, living with humility and being open to constant learning from the earth and each individual and culture within it.

Food is central to family life, and to any travel away from home. From a simple home-cooked meal to an authentic street-food snack to a gastronomic feast by the world’s best chefs, a consciousness of each of these moments allows us to to celebrate and appreciate what moves us.

This realization began when I lived in Paris as a student in college. Paris was an awakening to me, as it is to so many. I fell in love with the Parisian joie de vivre, the celebration of all the senses. I also met and fell in love with my wife as we explored the city together–small 5 franc sandwich shops between classes, shortcuts through the Jardin du Luxembourg, and obscure food markets in the far reaches of the city, like Tang Freres off the Porte d’Ivry metro stop. The first dish we cooked together and eventually mastered was a garlic and ginger shrimp we created with fresh Asian ingredients from this market.

On this site, I am trying to express my sensibilities on food, travels and experiences. I describe trips and restaurants which have been influential to me. I have also put together meals I have created and recipes which reflect my experiences. Some of these I developed as a home cook for family and friends. Others are recipes I have adapted from some of the worlds greatest chefs.

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